Why Choose Modular Construction

Modular houses are built out of boxes, called modules, which are constructed off site, transported to a building lot, and assembled into a finished home. All of the materials – from framing, roofing, and plumbing to cabinetry, interior finish, and electrical – are identical to what you would find in a conventional “stick-built” home.
Building a modular home will normally save you time compared with building a conventional stick-framed house. Saving time on construction not only saves money, it also reduces the stress involved in home building.
Manufacturers of prefabricated modular homes are usually able to build new house plans more affordably than custom stick builders, for the same kinds of reasons that automobile manufacturers are able to build a new car for far less than a mechanic could build the same car in his garage.
Modular construction has become the construction method of choice for the quality- and cost-conscious house buyer. The best-built modular homes are better built than the vast majority of stick-built homes. Modular homes offer better materials, state-of-the-art construction technology, superior finished quality, and time and money savings. And you gain all of these benefits without sacrificing design or amenities.

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